Course Desciption

Al Falaah Academy presents its 5-year Alimiyyah programme. The course provides a unique opportunity to study the depths of Arabic and Islamic Sciences to an advanced level through part-time study and a dynamic selection of modules. The entire syllabus is authorised by the dedicated Shuyukh of Al Falaah which has been reviewed by many senior scholars and is designed to train students to become competent in Islamic learning.

The course provides a good understanding of the Islamic sciences of Hadith (prophetic traditions), Fiqh (Islamic law), Tafsir (Quran Exegesis), and the principles informing these disciplines.

Throughout the Five-year curriculum, students will engage in discussion and analysis to prepare for examinations that will provide them with a qualification equivalent to a degree in Islamic Scholarship (known as an ‘Alimiyyah Degree). Students will graduate with an understanding of the Arabic language and Islamic Sciences inshAllah.