Course Desciption

Al Falaah Academy aims to equip our students with the necessary skills and tools to become strong, independent minded individuals through fun and play.

Build them to have passion to become future leaders of the community. Al Falaah Academy has designed a unique syllabus as well as the curriculum within Glasgow to make it more relevant to Scottish Muslim children.

This specialised syllabus stimulates the young minds to make them more receptive through various teaching methods. Our Maktab teaching staff have experience in teaching children and engaging them towards learning and helping them to progress mentally as well as spiritually.

Al Falaah Academy runs its evening madrassa for children aged 5 till 16.

A brief introduction to our Madrassa



QURAN RECITATION - Simple Steps in Quran Reading (Part 1 + 2)


DUAS - Level 1

Activities - Colouring book & fun workbook

Islamic Studies - Year 1 textbook and workbook

ARABIC - Numbers 1 – 15

TAJWEED - Huroofe Halqi, Full mouth letters

MISC - Safari Park

PRACTICAL - Entering the Masjid with the right foot & exit with the left foot, Sunnat method of sleeping

SEERAH - Prophet’s father, mother, grandfather, prominent uncles First Muslim: Male, female, child

QURAN RECITATION Simple Steps in Quran Reading Part 2

DUAS - Year 2, names of Allah 11-20

Islamic Studies - Year 2 textbook and workbook

PRACTICAL - Entering toilet with left foot & exiting with the right foot

SEERAH - Names of his(SAW)’s blessed children Four Khulafa-e Raashideen

QURAN RECITATION - Amma para and Para 1-5

SURATS (HIFZ) - Nas, Falaq, Ikhlas and lahab

DUAS - Year 3, names of Allah 21-30,

Islamic Studies - Year 3 textbook and workbook

Seerah - Names of the pure wives

PRACTICAL - Method of wudhu


SURATS (HIFZ) - Nasr to Feel

DUAS - Year 4

Names of Allah - 31-40

Islamic Studies - Year 4 textbook and workbook

Arabic - Book 1

Practical Method of sajda tilaawah



SURATS (HIFZ) - Surah Yaseen

DUAS - Year 5 and duas missed out from year 1

Names of Allah 41-50,

Islamic Studies - Year 5 textbook and workbook

Arabic - Book 2

Practical - Method of sajda sahw

Method of salaatul witr

Method of eid salaah

Misc - Salah drill


SURATS (HIFZ) - Surah Mulk

DUAS - Year 6 and year 7,

Names of Allah 51-100

Islamic Studies -Year 6 textbook and workbook

Arabic -Book 3

Practical Method of janaazah salaah

Method of salaatul istikhaarah

After your child leaves Al Falaah Academy at the age of 12 InshAllah he/she will be fully confident in his/her religion along with a strong foundation of Islam. Your child will be able to assist the community in their basic steps towards their religion.