Shaykh Zoheeb Iqbal

Born and raised in the city of Glasgow, UK, and coming from a moderately practising family, the odds were always stacked against him. After completing his initial secular studies and after much involvement with the wrong crowds, Shaykh came to a turning point in his mid-to-late teens. During this time he began to delve into religion and discovered his love for Deen. His determination and close link with his teachers resulted in him studying the religion under the guidance and supervision of his teachers locally for a period of two years. Having studied for a period of two years his thirst for furthering his Islamic knowledge could no longer be quenched in the confines of his local mosque and, searching for more, he enrolled in the prestigious College of Higher Islamic Education (Darul Uloom Al Arabiyyah Al Islamiyyah) in Holcombe, Bury, UK - said to be the nucleus of Higher Islamic Education in Europe. It was at this renowned college of Islamic education that Shaykh Zoheeb continued his studies of the Islamic sciences and began his study of the six year intensive Alimiyyah programme which covers the traditional subjects including: Arabic, Tafseer, Islamic jurisprudence, and Ahadith (with particular emphasis on the six authentic books of hadith - Bukhari, Muslim, Abu-Dawood, Nasa'ii, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and the Muwattas of Imam Malik and Imam Muhammad). During his studies he has accomplished a number of feats under the mentorship of his teachers. This began in 2013 where Shaykh and his wife co-founded the organisation Al-Falaah with the aim of meeting the growing needs of students and professionals in Scotland, by bringing flagship Islamic courses and lectures to Universities and Islamic organisations in Scotland. Shaykh Zoheeb continues to manage and direct this organisation alongside his team of valued and dedicated volunteers. The progression and expansion of this organisation lead to the establishment of Al Falaah Academy, an institute of advanced Islamic education, in the central south side of Glasgow. Shaykh Zoheeb currently also serves as Principal and Director of Al Falaah Academy. We hope and pray that Allah ta'ala accepts the Shaykhs efforts in working tirelessly to serve His Deen.