Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation.. It is through the volunteers and there donated time that charities go from strength to strength. Therefore it is our humble appeal that if a you have a few hours to spare even a weekend we would like to hear from you. Help Al Falaah Academy go from strength to strength!

Why volunteer for us?

Simply, because it is your academy. Al Falaah Academy was set up to benefit our community and by you helping us you're being a part of this valuable service. as Al-falaah is an Islamic institution aiming to educate and equip students with islamic knowledge who will be trained to go and teach, you shall receive all the rewards as a means of a Sadaqah Jariyyah inshAllah.

What kind of rules will you play?

Al Falaah Volunteers will have a wide range of roles to play from marketing, fundraising, helpinf out at events and assisting with the day-to-day running of the academy and our events in other locations.

What's next?

To become an Al Falaah volunteer or for more information, contact us

T: (0141) 258 2957

E: volunteers@alfalaahacademy.co.uk

or pop down to the Academy in person, Click here to see were we are.