Course Description

An interactive, exciting Beginners Intensive Tajweed course. This single weekend Intensive Beginners Tajweed course is designed for students who wish to take on a practical and theoretical approach to the basics of Tajweed.

Students will learn how to accurately pronounce the Arabic alphabet, will be able to identify and apply the Points of Articulation (Makhaarij al-Huroof), will recognise and identify letter joining and will learn some rules of Tajweed and its applications alongside selected surahs from the Qur'aan.


Females will be taught by a Qualified Female Tajweed teacher

Males will be taught by a Qualified Arab teacher

Sisters’ workshop will be taught (with full segregation)

 Pronunciation of similar sounds

 Harufe Muqata'at

 Short vowels

 Alif & Hamza

 Rules of Raa

 Harufe Halqi

 Harufe Musta'liya

 Rule of Laam in Allah's Name

 Tanween (izhaar & ikhfa)

 Long vowels

 Dipthongs

 Comparison of Long vowels & dipthongs

 Sakoon/Jazm & Qalqalah (Echo Letters)

 Raa Sakin

 Noon Sakin & Exceptions

 Waqf on Harakaat & Tanween

 Saktah and Imalah

 Waqf on Round Taa, Long Vowels & Tanween

 Madhe Lazim, Mufassil &Mattasil

 Shaddah / Tashdeed

 Waqf on letters of Shaddah

 Idghaam Yarmaloon

 Noon Qutni

 Qalb / Iqlaab

 Rules of Meem Sakin

 Symbols of waqf  Remaining rules of Raa