Course Desciption

A 3 Diploma program for serious students or working Adults who are keen to learn the translation and commentary of the entire Qur’an, wish to learn classical Arabic and study Arabic texts of tafsir, hadith, fiqh, usul, and other disciplines that have been traditionally taught in the Alimah course. The Diploma once completed can be taken further to a Degree level by completing one extra year.

Admission is initially offered into the Diploma, which lasts 3 years. Based on academic achievement, commitment, and dedication to seld development, students will be selected for admission into the Degree Prograam, which lasts 1 additional year

Final Degree Year

  • Participants have to meet the following guidelines to qualify for this course

    15+ Be able to give Full effort keeps it number one priority in terms of study is able to pass the enrolment exam